The Horror! The Taliban are coming!

I am writing this short explanation mostly for young people and for those who are not familiarized with the complicated world of international security and politics.

You will witness an abundance of media stories about the security situation with ramification for the civilians in…

Creative Writing

Everyone has a gift. Some are talented in manual labor and craftmanship, some in the intellectual area. The dichotomy continues, you have different parts of craftmanship such as pottery or masonry. There are different sectors of the intellectual side as well, if we would divide them in two…

This represents a two-part series of written thoughts on the fascinating subject of “Strategy”. It is part of my blog “I think — Viatorem”. The motivation behind the blog is to bring into public attention for persons who have similar interests and curiosities the following subjects: Law, Business, International Affairs…

My thoughts on the US Election 2020 — in case Trump wins.

It seems that Trump will win if he gets the state of Pennsylvania as well. …

Cyber Dacians


by Mihai Barloiu

Who we are

A group of ordinary people with extraordinary ambitions, discipline and work ethic. Our root is deeply anchored in the Ancient land of the Dacians, a brave, knowledgeable civilization that lived during the Roman Age, 500 years before Christ. Today that land…

Mihai Barloiu

Global Thinker (International Security/Law/Diplomacy) Shareholder in the following companies:

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